One of the best things about wall graphics is that businesses of any size can make use of these great Interior Sign options to refresh and renew their space. These unique signs are very effective, making them a great choice to give any space a new look.

Creating a stylish and inspiring office space for your employees and visitors is easy when you add some distinct graphics to the walls in your meeting space or use 3D wall murals to amplify your brand in the lobby area. With a little creativity and an open mind, your space can be completely transformed using customized graphics that represent your Newport Beach, California business.

4 Ways to Use Wall Graphics to Upgrade Your Business Interior

Using customized signs for business not only sends the message that you’re invested in your business success, but they also support better brand awareness. By installing custom graphics to your business wall surfaces, you’ll be improving your space as well as your brand reputation.

Take a look at these four ideas on how to use wall graphics to enhance your space.

1. Add some color.
If your current general color palette is monotone or neutral, using graphics to add a pop of color will instantly change the feel of the space. Working with an experienced signage company, like Majestic Sign Studio, you’ll be able to add things like 3D wall murals that use your exact brand colors to maximize impact.

2. Deliver information or motivational quotes.
Placing statement quotes on your walls is a great way to remind employees and visitors of your company’s beliefs and goals. Another popular option includes adding motivational quotes to inspire employees or to create a specific vibe for clients and guests. By choosing to invest in customized signs for business, your walls can be augmented with graphics that specifically speak to your mission and mantra.

3. Add details.
Why not liven up your space with more creative names for meeting rooms and equally interesting wall graphics to go with it? Choose a theme that supports your brand or your industry and watch how quickly it adds value to your workspace.

4. Make use of all your wall space.
If you’re looking to revitalize your space, why stop at just decorating the walls in your main areas? Push the envelope and create an even bigger visual impact by using graphics in your washrooms, hallways, common areas, lunchrooms, conference/meeting rooms and storage spaces. And don’t forget that you can also get creative with bold patterns and 3D wallpaper graphics on your floors and ceilings too.

Maximize The Impact of Your Walls with Majestic Sign Studio

If the interior of your Newport Beach, California business could use a revitalization, why not consider adding graphics to your wall spaces? Majestic Sign Studio’s team of designers can help you harness that unused space and turn your walls into tools that support your success. From helping you bring your ideas to life, to creating something unique that speaks to your brand, leave it to us to bring your walls to life. For more information on outstanding business signage, such as window or wall graphics, contact us.


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