Vehicle wraps are an investment. Like any other investment, they need to be protected to maintain longevity and provide positive ROI. Vehicle, fleet, truck and trailer wraps require proper cleaning and maintenance to last. However, to keep your vehicle graphics looking great and continuously acting as an effective advertisement, you also need to consider the effects of UV rays on your vehicle or fleet, and learn how to protect against them.

Laminated Vinyl Car Wraps

Vehicle wraps should utilize laminated vinyl for vehicle graphics, to withstand abrasions, debris, high temperatures, harsh weather conditions and exposure to UV rays. At Majestic Sign Studio, we only work with laminated vinyl wraps to ensure proper installation, quality application and UV protection.

Why Get Extra Protection for Your Vehicle Graphics?

The effects of sun damage can vary due to vehicle use and location (since risk of exposure increases for areas with higher elevation). Because of this, most fleet wrap owners opt for further protection against long-term sun damage to keep their vehicle wraps looking great for several years.

How to Protect Your Vehicle Graphics

To further prevent peeling and discoloration, and provide added UV protection for your car wraps, you can do a number of things.

1. Regular Maintenance:  This is the most basic line of defense against long-term damage to your vehicle wrap. Wash your wrap regularly, keep it clean and avoid harsh solvents.

2. Vertical Applications: Ask your installer about vertical applications. Applying a wrap horizontally can increase its exposure to UV rays, and should be avoided, if possible.

3. Avoid the Sun: Keep your fleet out of the sun whenever you can. Cover your vehicle when it’s not in use, and do not park outside for long periods of time. If you must park outside, try to park in a different direction every time—this helps prevent overexposure to a particular part of your vehicle.

4. Wrap-Safe Car Waxes: After washing your vehicle, you can apply waxes. These make the car look nice, and certain types also provide UV protection. Be sure to stay away from waxes with petroleum distillates, which will damage your wrap.

5. Protective Sprays: You can also purchase UV protectant sprays and apply as needed. It’s handy to keep a protective spray for occasions of extreme weather, such as triple-digit heat or storms.


Your vehicle wraps are a reflection of your business. To keep a good and lasting impression, and generate the right type of brand awareness, take action against external factors with proper maintenance and care.

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