It’s crucial that the interior of your Orange County business resonates with your employees and customers. Adding Wall graphics to your business is a practical and functional way to upgrade your wall space to change the look of your location. With chic wall designs, you can improve your workplace culture, cement your brand identity, and deliver a better customer experience.

In order to make sure the graphics that you plan to add to your walls are effective, it’s important to determine the best location, colors, and style that will best support your brand and its messaging. A removable and customizable sign option, such as graphics and wall murals allows you to elevate the aesthetic of your space.

Choosing the Right Wall Murals and Graphics.

Choosing the right wall graphics starts by choosing the right location. Not only will the location determine the impact and influence of the sign, but it will also provide guidance when it comes to selecting what design, colors, and style should be used.

Whether you’re considering a 3D wall mural or a simple pattern, be sure to identify what purpose you want your wall enhancements to achieve. For some Orange County businesses, using murals to divide their space may be their main goal, while for others, directing foot traffic may be the priority.

Once you’ve decided where you want to place your graphics or murals, you can begin to make decisions about the design. Things to consider include:

  • While colors like green and blue are known to create a peaceful ambiance, choosing yellow as a base for your wall graphics can boost creativity and happiness. As well, including your brand colors is essential to help develop better brand recall.
  • The look of your graphics should reflect the unique tone of your company, but many styles could work for your needs. Some of the top style options include an abstract wall mural, a more stylized mural, or a photo-based mural. Additional features include choosing a particular finish, choosing a 3D wall mural, and incorporating particular images that represent your products or services.
  • Worried you don’t have a large enough wall to use? No matter what space you have to work with, there are effective options that can be added. From unique decals to smaller murals used in more than one location, it’s possible to find effective options for every type of location.

Majestic Sign Studio Can Help Maximize Your Wall Space.

Transform your Orange County, California office from bland to cutting-edge with well-designed signage. At Majestic Sign Studio, we’ll work with you to upgrade your space from feeling basic to extraordinary using high-quality wall graphics. You can trust our team to deliver professional products and services that will set your office or retail space apart from the rest. To learn more about our interior and exterior signage options, contact us.


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