Looking for ways to make an impactful change on your storefront? Channel letters could be the answer you’ve been seeking. Outdoor channel letters make a bold statement, and because they are illuminated, you can rest assured your storefront sign will be visible to the public at all hours of the day and night.

But it takes more than a visible sign to make an impact: You need a design that stands out – something that sells your business and gives people a reason to want to enter your establishment.

Whether you want to renovate your storefront sign to transform your business’s visual appeal or revamp your entire signage system, Majestic Sign Studio is here to help!

Contact us at 1-951-735-5001 to find out how we can improve the visibility of your business with illuminated channel letters.

Light the Way to Your Business

The beautiful thing about channel letters is that you can illuminate them in many ways. The most common form is traditional front-lit letters that shine brightly to captivate passersby. These signs have an internal lighting system comprised of energy-efficient LEDs. When activated, these lights create a brilliant display that instantly draws attention to your storefront.

Alternatively, you can create a warm, inviting glow using a form of channel letter signage called halo-lit letters, also known as reverse channel letter signs. With these signs, lights are installed behind the letters to create a unique illuminated outline.

You can also get maximum visibility and stand out even further by having your letters lit up from the front and back using a combination-lit sign. These signs are guaranteed to get noticed and turn your location into a landmark in your community.

Dimensional Letters Inside Your Business

Channel letters are not limited to outdoor use. Many business owners use non-illuminated channel letters indoors to create a fun, appealing sign. They are perfect for entertainment businesses but can work in almost any setting if the proper design is utilized.

When used indoors, channel letters are called dimensional letters. Adding a three-dimensional element to your signage makes a bold statement and can be used in a reception area, mall, or arena to make a mark that people will not forget.

Customize Your Signage

Channel letters offer versatility in design, size, and color. There are also different mounting styles and border and trim options. Our main priority is to assess your business and figure out the best way to incorporate elements of your branding into your signage to create memorable impressions that stick. The first step is to book a consultation with one of our signage specialists who can go into details on how we can accomplish this.

Book Your Consultation Today

If you are ready to see how fantastic your business can look with a channel letter sign at your business, call us. Once we have assessed the best way to create custom signs that match your needs, we can go into further detail of how we can fit your sign into your budget.

Call us at 1-951-735-5001 or message us to put the wheels in motion for your next sign project.


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