First impressions are crucial for businesses that strive for success. They set the tone for a customer’s experience, which impacts the decision people make of whether to work with you or not. Lobby signs are often the first sign that people see when they enter a business, which means they are responsible for making the right first impression. Impress your clients and employees by investing in a well-designed and produced lobby sign for your business.

At Majestic Sign Studio, we understand the role signage plays in a business and our years of experience have taught us how to maximize the use of signs to our client’s advantage. Upgrade your signage system with beautiful custom lobby signs that display your brand, introduce your business, and so much more.

What You Can Achieve with Custom Lobby Signs

When you invest in high-quality lobby signage for your business, you are not just buying a sign; you are gaining access to the benefits that come with lobby signage.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere for Your Clients

Waiting areas or lobbies are common places for clients, visitors, or customers to sit and wait to be accommodated, treated, or seen by your company’s team. They are one of the first areas of your business that individuals interact with, which means they kickstart their customer experience. The longer they wait, the more time they have to observe this room and form opinions about your business’s quality.

By investing in a well-designed, high-quality lobby sign, your business is advertising itself as a professional, reliable partner. This will help clients feel comfortable in your office or building and lead to a positive first impression.

The Little Details Make a Big Difference

While some business owners may perceive lobby signs as a small detail, and thus not a big deal, they are overlooking the importance of little details. When companies prioritize the quality of their signage, they set themselves up for success. This is because when customers see that a business effectively handles little details, they are given proof that the business is reliable and trustworthy.

Set the Tone for Your Employees

Employees are an essential component of any successful business. They directly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your business, and thus the success experienced. This is why when businesses show employees that they will uphold a certain level of professionalism, as seen through their office lobby signs, they often experience an uptick in productivity and efficiency. Show your staff what you expect of them, and they will quickly follow suit.

Add Lobby Signs to Your Cohesive Business System

While adding a lobby sign to your business is essential, it is also critical that it seamlessly becomes a part of your entire signage system. The cohesion of all your signs, both interior and exterior, is imperative to your brand and a customer’s experience.

“How do you accomplish making all signs uniform,” you ask? Great question!

Custom lobby signs offer the perfect way to create a signage collection that is cohesive throughout your entire business. The level of customization that is available to you allows you the flexibility you need to choose the right colors, fonts, designs, and more to keep your brand uniform and fulfill the visual expectations your alternative signs have already established with customers. The more cohesive your signage system is, the more recognizable it will be to customers.

Start brainstorming ideas of what type of custom lobby sign you want and where you would want it installed. Whether you have a design idea or want help from one of our graphic designers, we will create the perfect lobby sign to elevate your establishment.

Work with Majestic Sign Studio Today

When you decide to work with Majestic Sign Studio, you gain access to the expertise of our talented sign specialists and the high-end equipment that designs, crafts, and installs high-quality sign solutions.

Are you ready to impress visitors to your office or business by creating a comfortable and inviting reception area with majestic lobby signs? Book a consultation with us today by visiting our website or giving us a call.


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