Proper signage for your business is more important than ever. As Southern California continues to reopen and people return to work, to shopping, to restaurants and to school, items like sneeze guards and custom signage ensure that we continue to practice social distancing and keep everyone safe.

While professional signage is used to focus on brand awareness, direction, and promoting sales and products, businesses now need proper signage to tell their employees and customers how they’re keeping them safe. From floor decal stickers to banners and window graphics, be sure your business is ready to operate in this new environment.

Why the Right Signage and Sneeze Guards Matter
It’s so important for you to properly prepare your business to be able to thrive in the current global health climate. For example, sneeze guards may not match your aesthetic, but they do say a lot about how much you value your employees and your customers. Let’s take a closer look at how the right protection and signage will support your business success.
• Floor decal stickers: Adding this signage offers several benefits. It demonstrates your commitment to providing a safe environment and also provides directional guidance to people when visiting your location. Shopping or doing business while social distancing can be overwhelming for some, so the more you help them learn how to do so safely, the more at ease they’ll feel.

• Acrylic sneeze guards: As mentioned, these may not be something you would have wanted before, but now they are an excellent way to keep your place of business safe. Not only do they serve as a protective tool, but they also allow your customers and employees to easily see and interact with one another while ensuring that proper social distancing policies are followed.

• Banners: Different businesses are opening at different times and hours of operation and services may be altered. Be sure that your customers know you’re open again and what you’re offering with a professional banner that’s easily noticeable and welcoming.

• Interior signage: In addition to custom floor decals, other interior signage such as door or window signs detailing your commitment to safety or any requirements, such as wearing masks or using hand sanitizer before entering, can be properly communicated using high quality, branded signage. The more information you can provide visitors, the more confident they’ll feel choosing to do business with you.

Find Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Social Distancing Signs for Business in Southern California
The businesses that will do the best once reopened are the ones that show customers and employees that they’re doing all they can to create a safe environment. Majestic Sign Studio can help you be prepared and demonstrate to all visitors that you take prevention, cleaning, and sanitation seriously. In addition to doing your part, with the right signage and the installation of sneeze guards, your expectations for employees and customers to do their part to keep our community safe will be clear too. To find out more about how we can help, contact us.


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