Want a fun and inexpensive way to decorate a child’s room or add some vintage flair to a room in your house? Why not try “channeling” your inner arts & crafts side by decorating or hanging some vintage channel letters (the letters that are commonly used on the buildings of businesses for exterior signage), in your home!

1. Find and Purchase Your Channel Letter(s)

Ebay and Etsy are GREAT resources for this. All you have to do is search for “vintage channel letters” or something similar, and a plethora of options are at your disposal. Take your pick! You can choose from letters that are already pre-painted or you can also choose plain aluminum or other metal letters for maximum customization.

2. Decide How You Will Display Your Letter Art

You can choose to display your letters in few different ways. Once way is to display it “open face” with just the bare aluminum for an “industrial” or “unfinished” type feel. Another way would be to use a few different letters to spell out a word. Taking letters of different sizes, fonts, and colors gives it a “collage” or a “kitschy” type feel to it. You can also choose just one letter, such as the first letter of your child’s name for example, and paint it their favorite color, add some decals or other craft elements indicative of their likes and personalities, and then stencil their name down the side for a personalized room decoration. These are a big hit with kids!

3. Here is an Example Idea on How to Paint & Decorate Your Letters

What You Will Need:

  • Irridescent and Glitter Spray Paints (available at craft & hardware stores)
  • Any Scrapbook Stickers or Decals (Target has some fun ones for kids and teens!)
  • Letter Stencils (available at Michael’s and other craft stores)
  1. Place the letter in your driveway, backyard or any area that is well ventilated. Place the letter on some large pieces of newspaper, cardboard or equivalent.
  2. Spray an aluminum letter with one coat of Iridescent Spray Paint, for a pretty pearlescent hue that changes color depending on what angle you view it. Let stand to dry until it is dry to the touch.
  3. Apply a light second coat with Glitter Spray (also available at the above listed locations) for a little extra glamour. Let stand to dry completely overnight.
  4. Once dry, you can now stencil in your name lettering down the side (or wherever you wish!). Decal letters would also work.


vintage-channel-letters art
aluminum channel letter


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