You have the office equipment, the plants, the décor, and tech accessories picked out for your new office, but what about the signs? There are two commonly forgotten signs that your customers need to see to navigate your building effectively: lobby signs and ADA compliant office signs. Of course, you also need ADA compliant signs to meet national and local legal requirements.

Lobby Signs

Your customer enters your lobby and immediately gets an impression about your business. They’ll also be looking for information, like which way is it to the conference room, your office, or even the washroom. A good lobby sign is a directory of rooms. But a great one also welcomes your customer into your office. It’s an excellent opportunity to develop your branding and make a good impression on your customer, even if there’s no need to list out your other rooms.

ADA Compliant Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that certain building signs be made with tactile letters and braille. ADA compliant signs must be designated for rooms which are unlikely to change in function, such as washrooms, kitchens, and break rooms.

In your office building, you’ll likely have several rooms that may change in function. You can number these rooms with ADA compliant signs that have slots where you can place more specific identifiers. For example, office room 101 will have a permanent sign indicating it is office 101, and a metal slider displaying exactly whose office it is. This helps your customer with disabilities find their way around your new office, while allowing the flexibility of changing your space as your team grows.

Make Your New Office Easy To Navigate With Signs From Majestic Sign Studio

High-quality office signs help your new space feel professional, personal, and well-organized. Majestic Sign Studio makes lobby signs and ADA compliant signs that help your customers navigate your new office space. Reach out to us to for a complimentary consultation, or to discuss which signs your new space needs to be ADA compliant.


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