Exterior building signs in Corona can be seen just about everywhere you turn. But that doesn’t mean they’re doing the job you need them to do. Based on your current outdoor building signage, do people know who you are, where you are, and what your business does? Could you be missing out on potential customers because you’re not effectively using outdoor building signage to drive people to your location?

The effects of having poor outdoor business signs run much deeper than you may realize. Did you know that outdoor signage can attract up to 50% of your customers? A quick audit of your current exterior building signs in Corona can help you determine if it’s time to think about an upgrade. To assess your outdoor business signs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your sign too crowded? It’s tempting to want to share lots of details about your business, but crowded signs are hard to read.
  • Is your sign properly placed? Can it be seen from the road? Can it be seen from multiple directions? Is it high enough?
  • Is it readable? The font you pick, as well as the contrast of colors used, has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your sign. The font size also must be large enough for people to read from a distance.
  • Is your sign accurate? If you’ve changed any products or services, hours, or prices that are conveyed on the sign, it’s time for an update.
  • Is your sign in good condition? Cracked, peeled, or faded signs or LED signs with burnt out letters won’t deliver the impression you want.

How To Create Effective Outdoor Business Signs

If you hesitated on any of the questions above, it’s time for a change. Here are four simple tips for creating effective outdoor building signage:

  1. Consistency. Any outdoor signage needs to match the rest of your brand in terms of color, logo and overall feel.
  2. Keep it simple. The purpose of the sign is to draw people in after a quick glance.
  3. Proper installation. Even a great sign can be ineffective due to poor installation.
  4. Choose images wisely. Pictures can be effective, but only if they make sense and have a purpose.

Get New Exterior Building Signs In Corona, California

outdoor building sign for a local business in Corona

There are many options for outdoor signage, so don’t just replace your existing signs on auto-pilot.  At Majestic Sign Studio, we’ll take the time to understand your requirements, including design elements, timeline, and budget. Our professional team will put together a proposal for exterior signage that delivers the right first impression you want customers to experience. Contact us today at (951) 900-3369 to request a consultation.


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