Many Irvine, California businesses have fleet vehicles out on the road but aren’t taking advantage of the marketing opportunities these vehicles can provide. Just think for a minute about the number of times those vehicles must be seen by your target audience as they drive on the roads and park at many different locations! Adding vehicle decals is a smart, cost-effective way to increase your visibility and make better use of your fleet.

If you’re looking for a creative and stylish way to increase the presence of your fleet vehicles, custom vehicle decals could be exactly what you need. This budget-friendly marketing option can allow you to easily upgrade the look of all your vehicles, increasing your company’s professionalism and helping you building trust with your community.

Why Vehicle Graphics and Decals May Be the Right Choice for Your Business

Every business is unique and has its own marketing and branding goals. While a dynamic full vehicle wrap might be right for some, vehicle decals may be the best choice for others. Both offer excellent marketing potential and provide a high return on investment, so how do you know which one to choose?

Here are some top reasons why custom vehicle decals are the signage option you need to showcase your Irvine, California company in style:

  • New businesses may find that fleet decals fit their needs best. As they work on cementing their branding and on determining what brand images work best, stylish yet simple decals can help them stand out without needing to make a bigger commitment.
  • For businesses that have seasonal changes to their offerings, car decals can be easily switched out depending on what message you want your fleet vehicles to convey.
  • Sometimes a clean and simple message is best, and this can easily be accomplished using well-designed vehicle graphics and decals.
  • Some businesses want the type of fleet vehicle to be showcased and, as such, prefer a smaller decal over a full vehicle wrap.

Find Car Decals for Fleet Vehicles Near Me

The fact of the matter is, your fleet vehicles can absolutely help you gain more customers and increase your brand awareness, which has been proven time and time again. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current vehicle marketing or have a brand-new fleet that needs to be branded, Majestic Sign Studio is ready to help. Our graphics team is staffed by experts in creating top-quality, professional fleet graphics and decals tailored to your brand image and designed to get results. Contact us today to learn more about your vehicle decal options.


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