Outdoor lighted businesses signs draw attention to your business, clarify where your business is located, and what products/services you offer. You only have a few moments to catch a potential customer’s eye and communicate this information, so you need the best outdoor business signage.

Where Are You?

If you’re a new business, have long operating hours, or a location that might be difficult to immediately find, an illuminated sign will help show your potential customers where you are day and night. What’s more, consumers are increasingly using GPS map services to drive to your location, but a GPS will usually only bring the customer to your plaza. When they arrive and survey the stores around them, illuminated outdoor building signage will ensure that your customers see your store right away.

Outdoor lighted businesses signs are also particularly important for those businesses that operate a night, including bars, restaurants, and theaters. Illuminated signs will attract more guests to your establishment and raise awareness, as people looking for a fun nightlife outing will be more inclined to visit your business based on your eye-catching signage.

What Do You Offer?

Passersby will take a split second to look at your outdoor building signage. In that second, they need to understand what your business does and get a positive first impression, so that they choose your business for their needs. An illuminated sign can make your business more appealing to your target audience by attracting their attention, which can increase foot traffic and sales.

Consider the sign we created for Stone Church Brewing. We were able to give their signage a rustic feel, despite the use of modern lights that could detract from the old-time mood. Thus, these signs helped build Stone Church Brewing’s brand, while also allowing them to catch attention at night. Potential customers know they offer unique, rustic brews in a single glance.

Get Your Perfect Illuminated Sign from Majestic Sign Studio

At Majestic Sign Studio, we understand the important of your outdoor building signage. A high-quality sign reinforces your brand, communicates effectively with customers, and will prove to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your business. Contact us today to get a quote for outdoor lighted business signs that will truly illuminate your business.


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