Visibility is fundamental to marketing effectiveness. Did you know that one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize your California business’s visibility is by using fleet vehicle graphics to create moving branded billboards for your company?

If your business has a vehicle fleet, you have an excellent opportunity to make an impression on thousands of potential customers every single day. Just consider how many people see your vehicles daily when in traffic, parked, or out on a service call or delivery!

Why Adding Custom Vinyl Graphics to Your Fleet Is a Smart Idea

In today’s competitive environment, you need to be extraordinary if you want to stand out. Unfortunately, standard lettering with only your company name and phone number won’t cut it. You need to invest in fleet wrap graphics that will get you noticed.

Over the last several years, vehicle wraps have begun to stand out as a revolutionary way to find success in the outdoor advertising market. As such, the options and customization opportunities have also grown, making it an incredible tool for businesses. Fleet vehicle graphics can be applied to most vehicle surfaces or vehicle body types. They can transform trucks, vans, buses, cars, and other vehicles into eye-catching mobile billboards that help you generate more business.

Here are a few more reasons why adding custom vinyl graphics to your fleet vehicles is a good idea:

  1. Fleet wrap graphics can’t be turned off, so they are always at work promoting your California company.
  2. Fleet vehicle advertising can help improve brand name recognition at a rate of 15 times higher than any other form of advertising.
  3. Wraps or graphics for your fleet vehicles are more affordable than you may think. Though the cost will vary based on how much coverage you want and the complexity of the design, a typical single full vehicle wrap costs about $2000 – $3500, on average.
  4. High-quality fleet vehicle graphics if they’re taken care of properly can last up to seven years, which works out to be an investment of just a few dollars per day. If budget is a concern, know that a partial wrap, which can significantly decrease the cost, will still deliver unbelievable results for visibility and brand awareness.

High-Quality Vehicle Wraps from Majestic Sign Studio

When done well, vehicle wraps can be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy and make your other interior and exterior signage efforts that much more effective. However, if you want custom vinyl graphics for your vehicles that will genuinely help your business grow, a low-cost wrap using substandard materials and poor application is not the way to go. Majestic Sign Studio uses high-quality vinyl and has an experienced team ready to install your fleet wraps properly. If you’re prepared to stand out, contact us to learn more about vehicle advertising options.


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