When deciding how to decorate the walls of your Orange County business, you certainly aren’t limited to choosing just a paint color anymore. Custom wall murals and wall mural decals continue to grow in popularity and are a rising choice when it comes to creating a memorable atmosphere for business environments.

From adding a floral landscape scene to something more contemporary like a 3D geometric pattern, the continual development of new printing techniques and finishes means that the options for custom wall murals are constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. Wall mural wallpapers can transform a space and help communicate your brand to everyone who walks through the door.

3 Custom Wall Mural Trends You Should Know About

Wall space provides a huge opportunity when it comes to creating an environment that will help your business stand out and succeed. From adding branded wall mural decals that showcase your products, to adding inspirational messages to motivate employees, what’s holding you back from transforming the walls in your space?

Let’s take a look at three of the latest custom wall mural trends:

1. When you think of wall mural wallpapers, it’s time to forget about the basic paper that used to be the only option. You can now use many different materials such as grass-cloths and silks and combine them with bold design. Not only will this elevate your space, but you’ll be at the forefront of interior design, sending customers a message that you’re a modern business in tune with aesthetics.

2. While custom wall murals can be installed in many ways, 2020 is seeing a bigger interest in using mural wallpaper that wraps around an entire room for maximum effect. Because there are now so many more ways to create and design a mural, businesses are taking advantage of these options and covering their wall space to showcase all they have to offer. As a result, both customers and employees can benefit from being surrounded by a powerful space that can be comforting, inspirational or even motivational.

3. Those that are really thinking outside the box will be interested to know that wall mural wallpapers aren’t even limited to walls! Applying wallpaper and murals to ceilings is also a trend that will continue to grow. Businesses are interested in showcasing their uniqueness and using wall murals and decal designs to create a stunning statement ceiling is a simple way to accomplish just that.

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Majestic Sign Studio located in Corona, Orange County can help you breathe new life into your business interior with high-quality custom wall murals or wall mural decals. Our team has the expertise to produce all types of unique and powerful interior and exterior business signage that will help your company succeed. From a single wall mural to completely transforming your lobby, contact us and learn more about getting your walls working harder for your business.


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