Vehicle wraps are a highly effective method of mobile advertising. According to a recent 3M study, a single intra-city truck can get up to 16 million impressions over the course of a year. However, in order to be fully effective, your design must meet some basic requirements and be eye catching. This post will cover how you can achieve an effective vehicle or fleet wrap design.

The Basics

Think of your fleet wrap design like any other advertisement you may do—you need to state who you are, give an idea of what you do and include a call to action. For example, include your company logo and mission statement (as long as it’s short and sweet) to let viewers know who you are and what you do. For a call to action, include your telephone number and/or website, with some sort of prompting message, such as, “Call today for a free quote”.

Representation, Real Estate & Right Emphasis

Moving into design—you want something that catches attention and is pleasing to the eye, but also does not distract from your main message. To start, think back to your brand and what it represents. What do you want your potential customers to perceive from your company and its image? If you want to present a professional brand, keep your design more conservative. If your brand is something a little more fun, display that in your presentation by using a louder design. Use your company’s standard color palate, and, if it will enhance your design, incorporate some complementary colors as well.

Now think of how much real estate you want to use, while taking your vehicle type into account. You can choose from a full wrap, ¾ wrap, ½ wrap or decal kit. A full wrap includes the sides, rear and hood, whereas the ¾ wrap covers ¾ of the side and rear. A ½ wrap includes side coverage and rear and a decal kit can include a la carte decals and/or window perf.

Whatever design you choose, remember that the goal of it is to draw attention to your important information. Also keep in mind that your ad will be in motion most of the time, so viewers will only have a few seconds to catch your message. As such, your design should provide the right level of emphasis without overshadowing your core message.

Create Your Vehicle Wrap Design

Now, keeping all of that in mind, choose your design. Here some popular ways design is used in fleet wraps:

  1. Bold branding: If you’re primary goal is to raise awareness about your brand, stick to your brand elements. Create a vibrant design that complements your logo and helps it stand out. Stick to your company color palate and only use other colors if they contrast properly and add emphasis to your logo. Also ensure the colors you use go well with the color of your vehicle.
  2. Exemplify your capabilities: If you’re in a business that offers a specific skill, display what you can do. For example, if you work at an interior design company, show off your design capabilities with an elegant design. This will draw attention and help add credibility right off the bat. You can also go a step further and display a short list of your company’s core capabilities, products or services.
  3. Illustrations: Using design elements like illustrations and pictures help draw attention and create impact. When done properly, this can be very effective because you can quickly explain who you are and what you do in those few moments when someone glances at your vehicle. If you’re in the food business, display photos or illustrations of your most appetizing dishes. Or, if you’re a pet grooming business, show a fun picture of a dog in a bath. People respond to pictures more than words, so if you can illustrate who you are, do so.

At Majestic Sign Studio, we provide comprehensive vehicle wrap designs, from an initial brainstorm to installation. If you’re ready to increase brand awareness in a cost effective way, contact us with your questions or to receive a quote on a vehicle fleet wrap today!


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