If created properly, a company logo is much more than a splash of color on your letter head. It’s a recognizable symbol of what your organization represents. The best logo for your business will feature a design that can both inspire and intrigue your potential customers. Just look at the trademarked logos of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Target–they don’t even say the business’s name, but that doesn’t stop the majority of people from knowing exactly what brand they represent. By creating an effective logo, you will be able to build a positive image for your brand and pave the way for success for your business or organization.

To design an impactful logo and create business opportunities, adhere to these tips:

1. Stick To Your Brand

The first impression and interpretation of a logo can develop in an instant. A business should aim to shape this message with their logo design. When brainstorming, start with your company’s mission statement. Have a clear understanding of your organization’s purpose, including your company’s vision and values. Each element of your design should work towards conveying this message to your potential customers and partners.

2. Be Strategic With Your Design Elements

While keeping your company’s vision in mind, also be sure to choose your design elements carefully.


Typography is a crucial element of your logo. When it comes to choosing a font, readability it key. Avoid using more than two typefaces in your logo, and ensure your font enhances your design and provides impact for the message, look and feel you want to convey.


Colors also play a vital role in readability. Ensure the color combinations you choose contribute to a clear, decipherable message. Try and stick to a max of three colors for your logo—any more will be difficult (and expensive) to reproduce in the long run. But don’t let that stop you from experimenting—it’s recommended to create multiple proofs of your logo with various color schemes to test which will be the most effective for your target audience. You may end up choosing a few different versions to ensure it can be reproduced on both light and dark backgrounds.


Only use images that make sense. If you can think of a clever image that conveys who you are and what you do, go ahead and use it. If your image distracts from the readability of your design, avoid it.

The fonts, colors and images you use must work together in harmony to create balance. Remember, the majority of us are visual by nature, and your logo is what’s going to capture the attention of the public. Creating an appealing visual representation of all that your business can do is imperative to the success of your company, and the future of your brand.

 3. Keep it Clear & Clean

Whether you use a font-based logo, a symbol, or combination of both, your design must be clear, concise, and easy to reproduce. It’s important to have a coherent, readable design, not only so you can create brand recognition, but so you can create the right type of brand recognition. Some logos leave a very distinct, sometimes confusing, first impression due overlooked design elements. Avoid bad logo design to prevent potential damage to your brand and consistently represent it in a positive light.

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