It’s all about the first impression. According to the International Sign Association, 50% of new customers learned about a business through an on-premise sign. A good sign gets customers in the door and helps them remember you, but creating a sign that’s visually appealing and effective can get tricky—here are some things to consider when creating restaurant signs:

1. Color.

As a general rule, stick to a maximum of three colors for your sign. When choosing colors, it’s important to consider their implicit meanings. What do you want your sign to say about your business and brand? Do you want to evoke any emotions? Know the message you want to get across and pick your colors, fonts and design accordingly.

Here is a good article on the psychology of color:

2. Draw attention

…but don’t overdo it. Think about what elements you can add to your sign, such as lighting, that can draw attention to your business from a distance and can contribute to the aesthetic of your area. However, stay away from elements that overcrowd your sign and make it too sharp or unreadable.

3. Invest and maintain.

You want your sign to last, so avoid cheap materials that break or wear down quickly. To keep your sign looking good and lasting long, invest in quality materials. Provide proper maintenance and keep your signs in good repair.

4. Create visibility.

Make sure your sign doesn’t obstruct the view of your restaurant. You want to use your window space to showcase your inviting atmosphere, not only to entice customers, but to also make for a more secure setting.

5. Use your environment.

If your business resides in a unique or historic area, use that to your advantage! Incorporate your local charm by complementing distinct characteristics, such as particular styles, materials or themes, with your sign.

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