Comparing Quality and Price of Vinyl Banners

Comparing Quality and Price of Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are one of the most affordable and effective methods of temporary signage. Used by businesses, organizations or individuals, vinyl banners can come in a variety of options depending on your needs. This post will compare different types of vinyl banners based on quality and price.

A standard vinyl banner is about 13 ounces of material, with either a shiny or matte finish. Standard vinyl banners are easy to display and can be single- or double-sided. They are typically hemmed and have grommets (ringed holes that enable you to hang it up), and can also have a pole pocket to provide extra sturdiness. Standard vinyl banners offer suitable quality for both indoor and outdoor use, and work well as advertisements and event banners.

Higher Quality Banners (Scrim)

However, the material used can range in quality. Cheaper materials usually have less quality, while more expensive vinyl is most likely made from better materials. Higher quality vinyl banners use premium added materials to help increase durability and longevity, and are thus heavier in most cases. Scrim vinyl, for example, consists of a polyester fabric between two layers of vinyl. This type of banner is ideal for bright and outdoor use, such as sporting events, since it’s a stable material that also blocks light from shining through.

Lesser Quality Banners (Smooth Vinyl)

Smooth vinyl, on the other hand, is generally thinner than the standard vinyl. It looks great, but uses less durable material. It usually has a finished edge that doesn’t need to be sewn or hemmed and it also doesn’t curl, allowing it to be rolled up nicely. This, plus the benefit of the lighter, thinner material makes it ideal for retractable tradeshow banners.

What will the banner be used for?

The end-use of the banner also factors into the overall quality, since it determines how thick and strong the banner needs to be. The lighter the material, the easier it is to rip, which means it’s best for indoor displays and signage. If you plan to use your banner outdoors, opt for a durable material that can withstand the weather. Depending on the location of your banner and the duration that it will be up, outdoor banners will range from standard to heavy materials. Outdoor banners work great for businesses (especially grand openings), graduations, sports events, and wayfinding.

Vinyl Banner Pricing and Weight

A combination of material and customization options for better usability will factor into the cost of your banner, but the price is largely defined by its weight. So, as a rule of thumb the heavier the banner, the more it will cost.

Weight (ounces)  Description  Best suited for  
10  Lightest available Indoor use
13  Standard Indoor/outdoor use
16-18  Premium Indoor/outdoor use
22  Heavy duty Outdoor use

Majestic Sign Studio provides 13 oz. standard vinyl banners for indoor and outdoor use. This weight seems to be the best value for the money and suits customers’ needs well.

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