The right color, design, and material make for a successful sign that stands out, attracts business and represents your brand. Here are some general rules to remember to help achieve a successful business sign design.

1. Do keep your target market in mind. Whoever your target audience is, determine the style that appeals to them and design accordingly. For example, if you’re looking to cater to a younger crowd, consider a contemporary design. Alternatively, a conservative or more sophisticated sign may work best if you’re targeting a mature crowd.

The YMCA Children’s Center (sign pictured to the right) utilized bold colors and slanted letter placement to present a fun look for their kids.

2. Do consider location. You want your sign to stand out, but you also want it to work well with your surroundings. Put some thought into where your sign will be displayed and ensure there won’t be any conflicting colors or clashing patterns that may end up looking unappealing. Incorporating color schemes that match your surroundings makes for great aesthetics, which will help your business stand out.

For example, take a look at how Crown & Stache complemented the entrance of their building with their sign, creating a sophisticated and inviting exterior.

3. Don’t overuse text and avoid using unreadable fonts and over complicated design, which can end up looking messy and unclear. You want you to increase traffic to your store, so use simple elements that create visibility instead of a distraction. As a general rule, readability is key. Less is more—keep it simple!

We recently worked with Amore Pacific on a fresh and clean look, which also complements their building in color and design.

4. Don’t forget your brand. Remember to be unique—your sign is a reflection of what your business can offer to your customers. Having a distinct sign will get you noticed, and keep you remembered. Don’t be afraid to have some fun!

Check out the fun sign we did for Anita’s Mexican Foods Corp. on the right.

The YMCA Children’s Center utilized bold colors and slanted letter placement to present a fun look for their kids.

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