In 2014, there were 68,144 eating and drinking locations in California. That’s a lot of competition. Sure, the food can speak for itself—but there a lot of food options these days. To get that much-needed competitive edge, consider incorporating brand signs into your restaurant.

Brand signs offer a chance for you to set yourself apart. It’s common to now see restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, bakeries and other food services lean on unique design to differentiate themselves from the competition. When done right, brand signs:

  • Get your restaurant noticed.
  • Leave a lasting first impression.
  • Create a distinct and positive atmosphere.
  • Effectively build a local presence for your business.

Here are 6 creative ways you can use aesthetic brand signs to positively position your restaurant or food service in your local community.

Exterior Brand Signs

1. Blade Signs

Blade signs stop foot traffic, which is ideal for restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, etc. This is a great opportunity to let your creativity shine through. A blade sign can be used in addition to an exterior sign to easily attract attention, identify your business and mark it as a distinct spot.

An interesting concept, humorous display or attractive graphic is enough to make you stand out on your street.  Think about how you can distract passersby with your signage. See how you can illustrate your particular food or drink, company history or special theme in an enticing and memorable way.

2. Window Decals

Window decals are an affordable and easy way to differentiate your restaurant storefront. They’re also well-suited for small spaces since you can utilize an often unused area as a prime promotional spot. You can display your menu or daily specials, your logo, or feature images of your mouthwatering specialties.

3. Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a must for any catering, delivery service and food truck company. Market your business around town while making deliveries, or even while running personal errands. Car, van, trailer, truck and fleet wraps are an economic way to expand your local reach and are one of the most effective methods of outdoor advertising.



Interior Brand Signs

4. Wall Decals

Spruce up a part of your restaurant with custom wall decals. Create a focal point by displaying your menu on the wall (lending visibility, enhancing your customer experience), or throwing a quote with graphics up. Decals are a budget-friendly way to add pops of color and design around your restaurant.



5. Canvas Prints

Illustrate your brand on a smaller scale with canvas prints. Photographs, quotes, designs, menu items and more can be illustrated with canvas prints. You can even print a large image across multiple canvas prints. At Majestic Sign Studio, we design and print the graphics on hand-stretched canvas, built completely in-house.

6. Wall Murals

Create the tone for your restaurant with branded wall murals. Wall graphics are great for themed restaurants and are effective in controlling the atmosphere you want for your business. Incorporate your company story, mission and values, add some whimsical elements, or dress up your décor with a high-impact design. With wall murals, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Make your restaurant experience memorable.

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