Office lobby signs are often the first things that visitors and guests will see when they enter your business. With so much attention on your sign, you will want to ensure it is ready to stand out for all the right reasons and help your business make a great first impression.

Here are five essential tips you can use when planning high-quality signs for your business. Keep these suggestions in mind as you work through the stages of bringing your signs to life.

Decide Your Lobby Sign Message

The first tip begins with planning your message strategy. You will want to consider the goal for your signage so that you can narrow down its message. For example, will this be a sign placed behind your reception area to display your company name? Will it be a sign on the front of the reception desk that displays your company logo? Are you crafting a sign that will also display other information? Once you know the goal for your sign, you can begin narrowing down its message.

Choose Stand-Out Signage

Next, you will want to consider the type of interior office sign. There are many types of indoor signs to select from, but the best choice depends on what you need. For example, you can make a wall sign stand out by selecting dimensional letters that offer a 3D look. Hanging signs and vinyl wall graphics are also an excellent choice because they make use of ceiling and wall space and are sure to catch someone’s eye. Learn more about your options.

Add Lighting to Lobby Signs

You can augment your sign by adding lighting that make it stand out. For example, backlit signs are raised off the wall using a special mount so that they can be lit from behind, so they appear to glow. Your lighting choices can really make your signs pop so that they become the center of attention in your lobby.

Select Materials That Align with Your Space

As you plan out your interior office signs, consider which materials will look great in your workplace. Some of your choices include metal, vinyl, acrylic, wood, and more, depending on the sign type you’ve selected. If your office has a particular style, it is key to choose signage materials that align for a cohesive look throughout your space.

Install Your Sign in a Prominent Location

To make your office lobby sign a focal point, location is critical. Whether the sign is placed behind a reception desk, on the front of the desk, hanging from the ceiling, or another location, you will want to ensure it is well visible. This will make your sign the first thing that guests see to create a warm welcome and ensure a strong brand image.

Work with the Sign Professionals

For support with these steps and bringing your signs to life, contact Majestic Sign Studio. We are a custom signs and graphics company that will guide you through all phases in receiving signage that stands out.

Contact us for a complimentary signage consultation and request a quote to get started.


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