Your Orange County, California business needs to have the right signage that lets people know you exist. If you want your business location to be easy to find and help your brand become highly recognizable, consider monument signs.

Custom monument signs often act as landmarks that not only improve brand recognition but also help build a positive reputation within your community. Known to increase engagement with those passing by and to be able to catch people’s attention, a monument business sign can deliver the impact you’re looking for.

Finding the Right Monument Sign for Your Needs

As with all exterior signage, there are several different options to choose from when it comes to creating your custom monument sign. The location of your sign, the type of business and the overall look you want to achieve will all factor into what kind of monument sign will work best for your needs.

Below are three types of monument business signs that will help your California business attract more attention:

  1. Natural monument signs

Choosing wood and stone for your business monument sign can offer an authentic look that amplifies your brand image. These natural materials deliver solid results and can be the right choice for businesses in the outdoor or travel industries, or those looking to add a rustic feel.

  1. Corporate monument signs

If you feel that a more corporate image would be best, choosing metal and concrete materials can help support a dependable, confident image. Businesses that choose to use modern materials can work with a signage partner to create innovative designs that draw attention.

  1. Digital display monument signs

Want a monument business sign that encompasses more advanced elements? Consider a digital option. They are many designs and styles available, and they offer the freedom to change up the messages displayed on the LED screen.

Find the Best Exterior Signs for Your California Business

A unique custom monument sign can work well for just about any kind of business or commercial property. However, it does take an experienced sign maker to help you create the best sign for your needs. Considering the location, style, visibility, and brand awareness, Majestic Sign Studio is the signage partner you need to get your location noticed.

If you need help with your exterior business signs in the Orange County, California area, we’ve got you covered. As a full-service sign manufacturing company, you can count on us to complete your project from start to finish. Contact us today to get started.


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