All too often you will see poorly designed rear window graphics on vehicles that do not advertise the intended message effectively. This is especially important if your vehicle is not wrapped and the window graphic is all you have to advertise your business! You must make the most out of this space. Here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to window perf designs.

Color Schemes for Window Perf

Tip #1: Perforated window material contains tiny holes throughout so your view is not obstructed while driving. Because of this. any design printed on it will naturally not be as vibrant as designs printed on regular vinyl material. Keep this in mind when choosing color schemes for your window perf design. Go for bright, eye-catching colors that will show better in a muted state than your lighter shade counterparts.

Contrasting Text with Background

Tip #2: Be sure that your text has enough contrast against the background design. When a phone number and website is often all you have in the design to advertise your business contact information, the last thing you want , is for it to be illegible.

Beware of Curvy Windows

Tip #3: Be conscious of windows with a heavy curvature. This will inevitably cause your window graphic to skew considerably during installation. While this cannot be avoided, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to minimize aesthetically unpleasing results.

  • Keep any small text like bullet points lists, towards the top of the window where there will be the least amount of skew
  • Keep any major design elements or logos roughly about 2 1/2 inches away from the window edges.

These tips , while simple and few, will avoid many pitfalls of poor window perf graphics and assure that your business is advertised properly while on the road to success!


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