Company vehicles are essential for some businesses. With the addition of fleet wraps, they become a valuable marketing tool. Here are 10 good reasons to add vehicle decals to your fleet.

1. Fleet Wraps Promote Brand Awareness

When you apply custom fleet graphics to a vehicle, it becomes a mobile advertisement for your business. The benefits of having your brand highly visible are especially relevant to a new company trying to establish its public image.

2. Vehicle Graphics Encourage Word-of-Mouth Promotion

People will notice and remember an eye-catching or humorous fleet vehicle graphic. If it is notable, they will tell their friends. They might even share on social media. That is valuable promotion you cannot pay for.

3. Fleet Decals Are Economical

Fleet wraps are more economical than individual vehicle wraps because the design work is done once and reused on many vehicles. Furthermore, a vehicle wrap advertises your business every day for a single up-front cost.

4. Fleet Graphics Have a Long Lifespan

Vinyl vehicle wraps can stay in good condition for 10 years or more, often longer than the vehicle remains in service. A custom decal is very affordable when the initial cost is spread over the lifetime of the advertising it provides.

5. Vehicle Wraps Advertise Locally

Vehicles tend to be used within the local area, traveling from job to job. This means, unlike certain forms of social media advertising, you are not paying to promote your business to people you may never deal with who live in another town, county, or state.

6. Custom Fleet Graphics Promote Your Brand at the Job Site

Even when the driver of your fleet vehicle is on the job site, the car or truck can be parked on the street, getting your brand seen by sometimes hundreds of passers-by.

7. Fleet Vehicle Graphics Boost Credibility

It promotes a sense of credibility and trust towards your employees when they turn up for a job in a vehicle adorned with your company branding. The signage also presents an image of professionalism for your business.

8. Custom Fleet Wraps Address a More Diverse Audience

With social media and some other forms of advertising, the potential audience is limited to a particular age, gender, or interest group to reduce the advertising cost. There is no need for this with vehicle decals, as you do not pay per view. Your business is on display to all.

9. Vehicle Decals Are Non-Intrusive

Radio, television, and internet ads can cause resentment because they interrupt what a person is trying to do, such as read an article or watch a TV program. There is no such issue with fleet wraps; they make no imposition, as they are a passive form of advertising.

10. Fleet Wraps Are Removable

Fleet wraps can be removed and replaced if you decide to change your branding or update your messaging. And when it is time to retire a service vehicle or return it on a lease program, it is much easier to remove vehicle graphics or wrap than to repaint a vehicle.

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