Why ADA Compliant Signs Are Indispensable For A Business?

Signs are provided to assist you with certain instructions or information about the place where you are. If you suffer from a disability, signs can only be of little help. ADA Compliant Signs are for the visually impaired. The term ADA refers to “Americans With Disabilities Act” which was introduced in 1990. This act prohibits any discrimination against disabled people in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and governmental activities. According to ADA Signs guidelines, any sign which is directing towards a permanent facility, staircase, restroom etc. should be able to provide the same information to everyone regardless of their limitations. Almost every sign in a facility, that is directional in nature should be ADA compliant. Street Signs, advertising signs need not be ADA compliant. 

As a business owner, you should be aware of the ADA compliant signs. Especially, if you are getting the signs done for a new office or a building you must make sure that they are ADA compliant. Certain requirements are to be met for the signs to be called an ADA compliant sign. 

ADA compliant signs

Requirements for ADA Signs in Huntington Beach, CA

Why Businesses Need ADA Compliant Signs
in Huntington Beach, CA?

First and foremost, it is mandatory by federal law. Secondly, it shows that your business cares about everyone and does not discriminate or undermine people with disabilities. This is turn builds a positive reputation for a business which results in more customers trusting your brand. Also, it insures you against any potential lawsuits and fines from the government. If in case, your business signs are not ADA compliant, the government allows you some time to rectify them. But chances are you might lose some public trust in the meantime, if the news gets public. 

Other than visually impaired, ADA signs also help people who are wheelchair-bound. These signs help them with accessibility towards ramps, and elevators and provide directions towards them. The Ada Restroom Signs helps in finding the restrooms which are specially made to support a wheelchair. Many storefronts have a special place that can be accessed by a wheelchair. Keeping a place that is accessible to everyone is mandatory by law and it also shoots up the chances of getting new customers. 

How To Find The Best Sign Company In Huntington Beach, CA For ADA Compliant Signs?

Ada Signs Your Business Needs

Many sign companies are operating in Huntington Beach, CA. If you are looking for a list, you just must look for “sign companies near me,” on the internet and you will have access to the whole list. The challenge is to find the right sign company for your business who can make ADA compliant signs for your business by following all required guidelines and still make them look good. You’ll want to check their portfolio, learn what their customers are saying about them and see how long they have been in business for. A good sign company in Huntington Beach, CA will provide satisfactory results on all the mentioned parameters. 

Majestic Sign Studio is a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs in Huntington Beach, CA. Our team is experienced and qualified to deliver the best business signs for your company. ADA Compliant Signs is one of our services, we also specialize in Indoor Signs, Outdoor Signs, Vehicle Wraps, Wall & Window Graphics and Tradeshow Banners. If you need ADA signs please call us and speak to one of our sign experts today and we would be happy to help you.

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