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Quality Car Wrapping (With Installation Video)

Quality Car Wrapping (With Installation Video)

 One of the most current and relevant forms of advertising on the market, especially in the congested freeway filled society of Southern California, is car advertising via vinyl wraps. Presenting your potential clientele with quality artistry wrapped around your car,...
The UV Factor of Vehicle Graphics

The UV Factor of Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps are an investment. Like any other investment, they need to be protected to maintain longevity and provide positive ROI. Vehicle, fleet, truck and trailer wraps require proper cleaning and maintenance to last. However, to keep your vehicle...

Top 3 Tips for Effective Window Perf Graphics on Your Vehicle

All too often you will see poorly designed rear window graphics on vehicles that do not advertise the intended message effectively. This is especially important if your vehicle is not wrapped and the window graphic is all you have to advertise your business! You must...
Effective Vehicle Wrap Designs

Effective Vehicle Wrap Designs

Vehicle wraps are a highly effective method of mobile advertising. According to a recent 3M study, a single intra-city truck can get up to 16 million impressions over the course of a year. However, in order to be fully effective, your design must meet some basic...

Majestic Provides Amazon Fresh with Fleet Wrap Advertisements

Majestic Sign Studio was selected to provide fleet wrap advertisements for Amazon Fresh, the e-commerce giant’s grocery delivery service, in a variety of locations, including San Diego, Buena Park, Inglewod, San Francisco Bay and New Jersey. The company delivered full...


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